The new Sony DWX digital wireless audio system brings dependable UHF operation into the digital domain. Enjoy superbly stable sound with four codec modes, high-density multi-channel operation, secure encryption and versatile networking capabilities.

It all starts with the sound. With DWX, on-stage voices and other live sources are exceptionally crisp, clear and transparent, with an exceptionally flat, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, low noise and impressive transient handling.

Ideal for large-scale live and studio productions, the DWX technology from Sony supports high-density simultaneous multi-channel operation. Efficient bandwidth management accommodates up to 21 channels per 8MHz TV band or up to 16 simultaneous channels per 6MHz TV band.

X-Dimension Diversity dramatically improves transmission reliability, combining multiple dimensions of diversity with Sony’s digital technology and a highly accurate calculation algorithm to prevent burst error by synchronisation loss.

Sony DWT-B30 and DWT-B03R wireless bodypack transmitters are a compelling choice for live sound applications, studio based TV production and ENG/EFP. Sophisticated audio processing and encryption technologies assure secure digital transmission of high quality audio with extremely low latency. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries provide a long battery life, ensuring the show will always go on (DWT-B03R only).

Ruggedly engineered in die-cast magnesium and aluminium, the light and compact DWR-S03D can be mounted directly in Sony or other professional camcorders. Auto channel scan and sync permits quick, easy frequency setting. Advanced integration with XDCAM shoulder camcorders allows audio status monitoring via the camcorder’s LCD or viewfinder.

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