Since the display used in the EVF-1 has been discontinued, a new viewfinder – the EVF-2, has been developed to accompany the ALEXA LF. While maintaining its predecessor’s proven robustness, reliability and ergonomics, the EVF-2 is equipped with a new display with full HD resolution and higher contrast, improving the operator’s ability to judge focus and dynamic range.

We have taken the opportunity to also include a new glass eyepiece based on the ARRICAM design for a cleaner image which is free of distortions, and which allows greater freedom of movement for the operator through a wider exit pupil.

And while we were at it we have implemented the latest color science, which gives more accurate color rendition, a better match to on-set monitors, and a stable color balance at all display brightness settings, image brightness levels and from -20ºC to +45ºC (-4º F to +113º F).

For those who use EVF-1 and EVF-2 on the same set, an “EVF-1 gamma” setting emulates the EVF-1 tonal behavior.

The EVF-2 requires ALEXA LF Software Update Packet LF SUP 3.0. All ALEXA LF cameras shipping from availability of LF SUP 3.0 onwards will be delivered with the EVF-2. ALEXA LF cameras with LF SUP 3.0 are compatible with EVF-1 and EVF-2.

Since a hardware upgrade of the EVF-1 is not feasible, owners of ALEXA LF/EVF-1 can acquire the EVF-2 by trading in their EVF-1 and paying half the EVF-2 list price.